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One of the ways you can reduce your energy bills is by installing solar panels at your home or business premises. Inasmuch as the initial costs of buying solar panels and installing them may be high, you will benefit with low energy costs in the long run. One of the hallmarks of solar panels is that the energy they produce is green. You can play your part in contributing towards a greener environment by installing solar panels.

You should hire an experienced contractor or company to help you install solar panels. You will come across various solar panel installers in your city. However, all contractors are not the same. To find local commercial solar panel installers to hire, do some research.

Installing solar panels is a good thing. However, given how expensive the panels are, you should find the best ones for your business or home. An experienced solar panel contractor can advise you on the best panels to purchase for your business or home. When looking for a solar panel installer, consider the following:

Is the Installer Certified?
The best solar panel contractors to hire are those that are licensed by the relevant authorities. Some states offer rebates to homeowners that install solar panels. However, the company that installs your panels should be licensed if you are to receive any state rebates. Inquire about all the certifications that the installation company has. For instance, the solar panel company should have licenses from the state solar association, local government and state energy authority.

You should also find how who actually does the installation. In case the solar panel company will be subcontracting the installation, the subcontractor should also have the relevant certifications.

Inspection of Your Premises
The solar panel that will be installed in your home may be different from that which will be installed in your business premises. Thus, the commercial solar companies in your area should be ready to visit and evaluate your home. From the evaluation, the contractor will know the types of solar panels that will be suitable for the home. Moreover, the contractor may advise you on what to do to lower your current energy bill.

You are not likely to get the best offer if the installer provides a quote without inspecting your home. In this case, look for a different installation company.

Ask for References
Ask for references of past clients to find out whether the solar panel installer will do a good job. Testimonials and references from previous clients that the company has worked with will help you know what to expect with your project. A company that has been in business for some time will have plenty of references to give you.

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